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Welcome to Healing Earth Herbals! This site is designed to give you information about the use of Western Herbal Medicine and to allow you the ability to learn more about how to determine what herbs are right for you.

Herbal Medicine is one of the oldest forms of medicine on the planet. It has been gaining more and more popularity over the last decade or so and many people are now rediscovering the healing power locked within the plants around us. Herbal Medicines are safe and gentle, but they are still medicines. That being said it is best to seek out professional assistance when trying to decide what the best herbal medicines are for you. Getting professional advice not only minimizes the risk or adverse reactions, but greatly increases the success rate for you.

The marketplace is flooded with ads and promises about the healing powers of herbal medicine. It is difficult to determine what is the truth and what is false. Qualified Herbal Practitioners help you get through all of this information and assist you in learning about the healing powers of plants. Herbalists will provide you with customized herbal treatments to suit your individual health needs.

Please feel free to contact us with any question or comment. Unfortunately, we are not able to answer specific questions on herbal treatments. You are best suited to make an appointment with a Qualified Medical Herbalist to discuss your treatment options in person. We wish you the very best in health!

What is Herbal Medicine?

Herbal Medicine is the use of plant remedies in the treatment of disease. It is the oldest form of medicine known. Our ancestors, by trial and error, found the most effective local plants to heal their illnesses. Now, with the advancement of science enabling us to identify...

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How Do Herbs Work?

People have always relied on plants for food to nourish and sustain the body. Herbal medicine can be seen in the same way. Plants with a particular affinity for certain organs or systems of the body are used to feed and restore health to those parts which have become weakened...

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Pharmaceutical vs. Herbal

Many of the pharmaceutical drugs used today are based on plant constituents and when scientists seek new cures for disease they look to the plant world. They find, extract and then synthesize in the laboratory a single active constituent from the plant...

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